Introduction of registration

Create a Fordeal seller account

Sellers need to provide a valid phone number or email address to easily create an account.

Creat Online store

After successfully creating a seller's account, please follow the instructions to complete the registration form. To ensure the smooth process, please prepare the application materials we required in advance.

Qualification review

After the application materials are successfully submitted, our staff will review as soon as possible within 2 working days (time will be postponed during holidays, weekends, and peak hours). Result will be notified via [SMS or email]. Please pay attention to your text messages and registration email.

Please log in to your account at Seller Central to check the review progress. If you need to modify the submitted materials, please modify it timely to avoid being closed because of no modification for a long time.

Running your business

After your application is passed, your store will be automatically activated, and you can start selling on Fordeal immediately.

We're here to help

If you have any questions during the registration process, please feel free to keep in touch with us so that your questions can be quickly responded to.

Qualification review

Qualification requirements for seller registration in Fordeal:

You can log in the Fordeal account registered. If you haven't registered yet, you can use your business email to create a Fordeal account.

Before start the registration, make sure you have prepared for the followings:

1. Email address

2. Trade license(need upload image)

3. Tax registration certificate(need upload image)

4. Legel representative identity information(national id)

5. Bank information(iban\swift)

After your application is approved, you can start selling on Fordeal immediately.

Convenient registration process

Bring your business online with Fordeal