How to build your online business on Fordeal

Welcome to Fordeal. In order for you to better understand how to take the next step with Fordeal, we will introduce one by one from the following points.

Before you start

All-round support

Considering that this may be the first time building an online store for you, in order to fully support your business and answer questions timely during the process, Fordeal has an expert team with free 1 on 1 service.

After you successfully joined, we will have an exclusive operation support manager to contact you.

Available product categories

What can you sell on Fordeal? Please see the table below for the product categories that can be sold on Fordeal.

Product categories

Product categoryProduct category details
Women Apparel,Outdoor,Sports
Men Apparel,Outdoor,Sports
Shoes Shoes,Sports
Electronics Camera,Consumer Electronics,Electronics Accessories,Major appliances,Mobile Phones,Video & DVD,wireless,PC store
Beauty Beauty,perfumes
Accessories Jewelry,Watches
Kid & Mom Baby,Toys
Home Furniture,Home,Kitchen,Office products,Outdoor,Pet Products,Tools,Personal care Appliances
Bags Outdoor
Stationery Office products
Audiovisual Automotive,Books,Music instruments,Music,Video Game,Consoles

Selling costs

You can join Fordeal for free. The cost to sell on Fordeal depends on your selling plan, product category, fulfillment strategy, and other variables.

Commission fees

Fordeal charges a commission fee for each item sold. The amount depends on the product category. Most Commission fees are between 4.5% and 29%.

FBF:Category Commission Fees

CategoryCommission fee percentage
Apparel 29%
Automotive 13%
Baby 13%
Beauty 12%
Books 13%
Camera 7%
Consumer Electronics 7%-12%
Electronics Accessories 7%
Furniture 13%
Health & Personal Care 11%
Home 13%
Jewelry 10%
Kitchen 12%
Major appliances 7%-12%
Mobile Phones 5%
Music 13%
Music instruments 12%-22%
Office products 7%-13%
Outdoor 13%
PC store 7%
Perfumes 12%
Personal care Appliances 11%
Pet Products 13%
Shoes 29%
Sports 29%
Tools 7%-16%
Toys 13%
Video & DVD 6%
Video Game Consoles 7%-12%
Video Games 10%-12%
Watches 16%
Wireless 10%-12%
All other Categories 4.5%-29%

Fulfillment fee

Fordeal provides you with two different fulfillment options, Fulfillment by Fordeal (FBF) and self-shipping. Fulfillment fees depend on whether you plan to ship products yourself or use Fulfillment by Fordeal(FBF),you can choose the most suitable one for your business.

Learn more about Shipping and Fulfillment→

Adding your products

After you finish all the registration steps, it’s time to put products on your online store and get ready to sell.
Learn more→ How to create a product.pdf

Create product list

Before selling products on Fordeal, you need to create a product list in the seller central. The content of the list mainly includes product SKU, price, function, available quantity and keywords.

Edit product details

All the information you set on the product detail page is very important for customers to understand your product. It determines whether the product is what the consumer wants.

The price of the product is essential to customers, you need to reasonably set a competitive price.

The most important information on the details page contains five points. Please read the below information carefully:

150 characters max, capitalize the first letter of every word
750 x 750 pixels and within 1M to increase listing quality
Such as different colors, scents, or sizes
4.Add To Cart
Customers can add to their cart
Keywords and Pictures improve the chances that customers will find your listing

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are good for both customers and sellers. Make sure you understand the right and wrong ways to get more product reviews. Increase product exposure and customer loyalty through objective customer reviews.

Very Satisfied
Sanjeev Jain COO,Nikai Group

“By understanding consumer reviews, it can help me manage my store better. Understand the importance of customer service efficient performance, and products. Good reviews can help me quickly establish and expand the store brand in the market, and achieve the effect of expanding the scale of the company”.

A business future full of possibilities

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